The Orthotics department at Scottish Rite Hospital provides state-of-the-art, custom-made orthopedic braces, or orthoses, to patients with special orthopedic needs. Our orthotics department, which also houses a custom fabrication lab, is located just one floor below our ambulatory care clinics, allowing our orthotists to collaborate with doctors, therapists and other medical staff on-site during the child's visit. Staff orthotists are dedicated to providing children with the best possible treatment, conducting innovative research and participating in professional orthotics organizations.

Our staff orthotists fabricate orthoses and provide patient care at the hospital every day. Children are referred to the Orthotics department from our clinics, and orthotists are available to answer any questions you might have about wearing a brace.

Individualized Treatment

We create orthoses to help children with the challenges they face with their special orthopedic needs. Each orthosis is custom-fitted, with many being custom fabricated specifically for a child, often by using a cast mold to appropriately size the orthosis and reshape key areas based on the child's orthopedic needs. We provide all necessary equipment to children in need of orthotic treatment, including shoes to enhance the braces' effectiveness and to ensure that they fit properly.

Orthotists and technicians monitor and adjust shoes and braces throughout the treatment process, ensuring that each child receives the best care possible. Depending on the child's specific needs, the department provides athletic shoes or hard-soled orthopedic shoes with attached bars. They also add lifts to patients existing shoes when needed due to differences in leg length.