Training Programs

Orientation and Information


Prior to beginning your rotation at TSRHC, you will be scheduled for an orientation session. The orientation process for Edwards and McStay Fellows will take several days, so plan to arrive in Dallas approximately one week prior to your start date. You will be notified of the orientation schedule as soon as it is finalized. You will have an initial orientation to Children's Health℠ during your TSRHC orientation and then a more intensive orientation to Children's on your first rotation day. Please contact Amy Park at 214-559-8430 or 800-421-1121, ext. 8430 or amy.park@tsrh.org if you have any questions.

Mandatory Online Training

If you are scheduled to rotate at Children's Health℠ during your TSRHC rotation, you will be required to complete several mandatory online orientation training modules through Children's CHEX/EPIC system. You will be given an individual access code and password to access these training modules prior to your start date. Please follow the instructions carefully and contact John Geiselman at 214-456-8992 or john.geiselman@childrens.com for questions about accessing the Children's Health℠ website and training modules. You may also contact Lisa Palmer at 214-456-1647 or lisa.palmer@childrens.com as well. Please direct other questions or comments to Pat Gonzaba at Children's at 214-456-2329 or pat.gonzaba@childrens.com. You may also contact Amy Park at TSRHC at 214-559-8430 or 800-421-1121, ext 8430 or amy.park@tsrh.org. 

**Please provide Children's Health℠ with a personal e-mail address and not your business e-mail address.

Online Training: http://chexweb.knowledgeplanet.com

  1. Log in using your individual access code and password, which will be e-mailed to you from Pat Gonzaba with Children's Health Dallas GME office.
  2. Complete all modules. (If the modules are not completed, Pat Gonzaba will notify you via e-mail)

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