Educational Outreach

The Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia's outreach services allow us to expand our mission and help thousands of children through support services for parents and educators. Our staff has developed two video curricula, the Dyslexia Training Program and the TSRH Literacy Program, that have taught hundreds of thousands of children to read. The center offers consultation and training to schools as they use the programs.

The center offers seminars and workshops to help teachers employ effective teaching strategies. Parents can also obtain guidance in helping their child by attending presentations made to parent support groups. For additional information regarding TSRHC programs or on-site school district workshops, please contact the center at 214-559-7800 or 800-421-1121, ext. 7800.

Therapist Training

The center offers the Dyslexia Therapist Training Program for certified Texas public school teachers and is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Educational Council. This comprehensive training is designed for teachers of students with dyslexia using proven intervention techniques.

To request an application for therapist training:

Please send your name and home address,
along with your school district name and address
to therapist.training@tsrh.org or call
214-559-7800 or 800-421-1121, ext. 7800.
**Applications are due in February of each year.