Child Life Services

How Can a Child Life Specialist Help Your Child?

Child Life Specialists (CLS) focus on the social, emotional, developmental and educational needs of children and teenagers in the hospital setting. To help reduce fear and promote coping during the visit, a CLS can provide these services to your child:

  • Prepare and support for medical procedures
  • Educate about diagnosis
  • Teach coping techniques to use during medical experiences
  • Engage in medical play
  • Provide outlets for self-expression
  • Support for brothers and sisters

Being Admitted to the Hospital?

Staying at the hospital can sometimes be stressful. Children may be nervous, worried, have questions and/or have behavioral changes prior to a hospitalization. 

  • A CLS will meet with your child on admission day to provide age-appropriate preparation for their hospitalization and answer any questions they may have.
  • Pre-admission tours are an extra service available to your child. These can be beneficial to help alleviate nervousness prior to admission day.

Here for a Clinic Appointment?

Coming to the hospital for a clinic appointment can be stressful, too! If your child is nervous or has questions about coming to their appointment, a CLS can help prepare the child by answering questions as well as be present for the following:

  • Cast removal
  • Radiology procedure
  • IV placement
  • Lab draw
  • Surgery discussion
  • Joint injection
  • Anything potentially stressful 

Meet the Team:

Cassandra James, MS, CCLS, Lead Child Life Specialist
Lauren Gates, MS, CCLS, Child Life Specialist (Inpatient)
Andrea Brown, CCLS, Child Life Specialist (Outpatient)
Molly Bass, CCLS, Child Life Specialist (Outpatient)
Mellina McCormick, CCLS, Child Life Specialist (Radiology)
Paige Legan, Child Life Program Coordinator
Christi Foster, Child Life Activity Coordinator
Sarah Coury-Rios, Board Certified Music Therapist
Meagan Johnson, Artist-in-Residence

To schedule a visit with a Child Life Specialist, or a pre-admission tour, please contact the Child Life team: email child.life@tsrh.org or call 214-559-7795 or 800-421-1121, ext. 7795.