Neurocognitive Baseline Testing

Neurocognitive baseline testing consists of a computerized test that measures an athlete’s 
ability to perform certain tasks to assess brain function such as memory and reaction time. In the event of a concussion, an athlete is able to repeat the same test and the physician can then compare the results. The baseline test gives doctors access to information that can help develop the best plan of care for the athlete. Pre-season baseline testing is recommended for athletes participating in contact and collision sports.

Our team uses ImPACT™ to conduct neurocognitive baseline testing. Dr. Shane Miller is a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC), meaning he has undergone specialized ImPACT training to offer the best concussion care management to patients. A CIC is an expert in utilizing ImPACT products and the ImPACT Concussion Care Model to diagnose and manage concussions.

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