Published Journal Articles

Published Journal Articles

The Medical Staff and Research personnel at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children publish regularly in well-known and prestigious orthopedic journals throughout the year. It is our published research, which guide our physicians through important clinical decision making to provide the best care possible for our patients. Below is a snapshot of just a few of our Medical and Research staff published work.

Clinical Articles  

  • Perioperative Interdisciplinary Intervention Contributes to Improved Outcomes of Adolescents Treated With Hip Preservation Surgery. Journal for Pediatric Orthopaedics 2016 (Epub ahead of print) Richard HM, Nguyen DC, Podeszwa DA, De La Rocha A, Sucato DJ

    This article discusses the presence of psychological education and counseling for patients going through hip preservation surgery and whether or not it will help with overall surgical outcomes. Patients who have to go through hip preservation surgery usually present with chronic pain, which can negatively affect them psychologically, as well as, show negative surgical outcomes. This study shows that the presence of psychological education and counseling prior to surgery helps the overall health of the child after surgery: reduced anxiety, school problems, and social stress and increase in mobility and return to activity.

  • Interobserver and intraobserver reliability of the modified Waldenström classification system for staging of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. Hyman JE, Trupia EP, Wright ML, Matsumoto H, Jo CH, Mulpuri K, Joseph B, Kim HK. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American volume. 2015; 97(8):643-50. PubMed [journal] PMID: 25878308

    This article discusses the effectiveness of using the modified Waldenström classification system – a standardized way to classify the stages of Perthes disease. The study used interobserver and intraobserver reliability (assesses the consistency of a measure from one time to another) to understand whether or not using this classification system was reliable in determining outcomes for the disease. The article reports on a large and diverse group of pediatric orthopedic surgeons using the modified Waldenström classification system.


Basic Science Articles

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