Other Services

Physical Therapy 

Our Physical Therapy department at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children works with patients to help them develop or maintain maximum movement and ability. Our physical therapists perform various tests to determine the patient's range of motion and muscle strength and make recommendations for walkers, crutches and other durable medical equipment best suited to the child's needs.

For more information, please call the Physical Therapy department at 214-559-7790 or 800-421-1121, ext. 7790.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy department teaches our patients to use specialized equipment and use their bodies in new ways that will help them with activities such as eating and dressing on their own. Children learn skills that will help them gain independence and prepare for living independently as an adult. Occupational therapists also assess patients' development, evaluate motor skills, personal and social interaction and language abilities and make recommendations for wheelchairs.

For more information, please call the Occupational Therapy department at 214-559-7785 or 800-421-1121, ext. 7785.