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Dallas Cowboys Touchdown with Kids at TSRHC

After a frustrating loss against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, teammates were given the chance to put aside their pain and heal their spirits by a trip to the hospital.  The hospital visit wasn’t originally arranged for the benefit of the players, but for the children being treated for a range of medical difficulties at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. But the trip proved to be a blessing for both.

DeMarco Murray’s Experience

NFL Player Visits TSRHC

The Cowboy’s running back, DeMarco Murray was perhaps one of the most frustrated players of the day.  But he said the moment he got up and thought about visiting the kids at TSRHC, his anger was abated.  Monday was about the kids, and he was glad for the opportunity to lift the spirits of those brave, young kids.  In fact, he said that seeing them facing their own difficult problems gave him perspective.  He said, “Just knowing what these kids are going through on a daily basis, how much fight they have, just makes you look up to them.”  (My San Antonio Blog – Tom Orsborn)

After signing autographs and hanging out with the kids, Murray continued by saying that it was “such a blessing and I cherish these types of moments just to put a smile on these types of kids’ faces. This is something we will never forget and it’s something we will never forget as players.”

The Kids

The patients at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children are treated for a range of orthopedic conditions and certain related neurological and learning disorders.  The hospital works hard to let kids enjoy being kids, despite their medical issues.  This visit from the Dallas Cowboys football players was just one of many ways the hospital and community work together to brighten the lives of these kids and their families.

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