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Dallas Marathon Patient Champion Spotlight: Briana, age 18, of Wylie

In addition to the junior race director, the Dallas Marathon features 5 patient champions from  TSRHC. The patient champion program is a way for the community to participate in race-weekend activities and fundraise on behalf of a patient.

Briana, age 18, of Wylie, Texas, began treatment at TSRHC for hip dysplasia in September 2012. Hip dysplasia is a medical term that represents a wide spectrum of hip conditions ranging from complete dislocation of the ball from the socket to a misshapen socket in which the ball is not properly in place. After some careful consideration, the doctors at TSRHC decided that they would need to operate on Briana in order for her condition to improve. After her surgery, Briana enjoyed her stay at TSRHC and appreciated the friendly and respectful staff.  She was geatful for the approach the doctors too to make sure she felt comfortable and understood what she would be experiencing.

Briana Russell age 18 of Plano_10

In her free time, Briana enjoys reading and horseback riding, but her biggest dream is to become a U.S. Marshall. She is thankful to TSRHC for her hip procedure so that she can be active and pursue her dreams.

Read more about Briana and ways for you to get involved in the Dallas Marathon at www.dallasmarathon.com.

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