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Dallas Marathon Patient Champion Spotlight: Alfonso, age 11, of Bedford

In addition to the junior race director, the Dallas Marathon features 5 patient champions from  TSRHC. The patient champion program is a way for the community to participate in race-weekend activities and fundraise on behalf of a patient.

Meet Alfonso, age 11, of Bedford, Texas. Alfonso has never shied away from a crowd. He loves to sing, act and entertain, but when it comes to being a patient at TSRHC, there’s no “pretending” about his genuine love of the hospital. Alfonso has been treated for both hand differences and prosthetic needs at the hospital since 2007 under the care of TSRHC’s Chief of Staff Emeritus Tony Herring, M.D., and TSRHC’s renowned Prosthetics department.

Alfonso Apodaca_02

Alfonso loves the caring medical staff at TSRHC and his attentive prosthetists, who provide comprehensive prosthetic services and on-site custom fabrication for patients with amputations or limb deficiencies. His prosthetist, Kara Davis, describes him as a “very fun-loving, active kid” and his adventurous spirit is infectious to all who meet him. Thanks to TSRHC, Alfonso is not going to let his differences keep him out of the spotlight. This aspiring actor is pursuing his dreams of the bright lights with the help of his loyal fans at TSRHC.

Read more about Alfonso and ways for you to get involved in the Dallas Marathon at www.dallasmarathon.com.

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