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Winter: the Dolphin with the Prosthetic Tail

wintertail copyA few of our staff members attended the Association of Children’s Orthotic-Prosthetic Clinics (ACPOC) annual conference in Clearwater Beach, FL earlier this month. ACPOC is an association of interdisciplinary professionals who are involved in providing prosthetic-orthotic care for children with limb loss or orthopedic disabilities.  We participated in the conference by presenting two clinical papers, which were very well received and encouraged valuable discussion. The hospital was even specially recognized by ACPOC for our attendance to the conference as a team!

Despite the long hours at the conference, Amanda Brown from Prosthetics and Orthotics and Jesse Kowalski from Physical Therapy managed to squeeze in some time to spend an afternoon at the Clearwater Beach Aquarium. This special aquarium is home to Winter, the famous dolphin. Winter is the only known dolphin in the world missing her tail, and was featured on the big screen in Dolphin Tales.

IMG_0295 copy

Like many of our patients, Winter has scoliosis and kyphosis, which has caused her to wear a prosthetic tail. She wears her prosthetic device during physical therapy sessions to help decrease the progression of the curvature of her spine, and has to do other types of stretching and exercise too. Her prosthesis helps keep her healthy and happy so she can do what dolphins do best… play!

Back to the Basics – TSRHC Sports Medicine

Young athletes are working hard to jump higher and run faster. Though strengthening and training programs can be very effective in improving performance, it might be time to get back to the basics of having fun. Did you know playing tag can improve agility, reaction time and hand-eye coordination?

UntitledWhat if we went back in time and reminded our youth to get outside and goof off? Parents of young children recall the days of playing games like “kick the can” and “hide and seek” with neighborhood friends. We can all agree we’ve gotten away from that and need to make an attempt to go back.

We’ve traded all of this free play for organized activities with complicated training and competition schedules. Sometimes, kids are even developing overuse injuries from too many practices or too much too soon. Dr. Shane Miller, TSRHC sports medicine pediatrician, encourages today’s youth to find the balance in participating in both organized sports and free play.

After all, a few good games of tag in the evenings just might be the ticket to a faster speed on the basketball court. Or, maybe, teaching dad some fancy footwork with a soccer ball in the yard might help that football player to be a little quicker on his feet.

For information about TSRHC’s Center for Excellence in Sports Medicine, please visit our website at

A World of Expertise, Locally Grown

By Manny Mendoza

When TSRHC hosted the World Hand Symposium, orthopedic physicians from
 19 countries flocked to the hospital to learn about the latest treatments for upper limb disorders. Why Scottish Rite Hospital?

It’s home to two of the world’s preeminent pediatric hand surgeons, consistently ranks as one of the top pediatric orthopedic facilities in America and is renowned for its groundbreaking research.

flowerSuch locally grown leadership from the TSRHC medical staff plants seeds that encourage ideas and innovations to bloom across the globe, cultivating a brighter future for children with orthopedic conditions in the United States and abroad.

In addition to traveling from overseas to attend medical conferences put on by the hospital, doctors come to TSRHC
 to train with its superior medical team. Last year alone, physicians came from 39 countries. They also wrangle for spots in the world-class fellowship programs at TSRHC, taking some of the hospital’s expertise back home with them. They come here because Scottish Rite Hospital’s commitment to the highest standards has put it on the world stage of pediatric orthopedic care.

And the world has taken notice. In addition to international representatives from the medical community, more than 300 current patients from nearly 60 countries travel to TSRHC to benefit from the hospital’s expert treatment. “We are a destination,” says Chief of Staff Daniel J. Sucato, M.D., M.S. “We help set the standard.”

Sucato’s predecessor, now Chief of Staff Emeritus John A. “Tony” Herring, got the international ball rolling in the 1980s when he began visiting countries such as China and Russia, teaching their doctors the Scottish Rite way and treating their patients with TSRHC’s superior know-how. Last year alone, TSRHC physicians and researchers lectured in 15 countries in addition to training medical personnel across the U.S.

The hospital’s training of domestic and foreign physicians results in better care of children with orthopedic conditions around the world, while also spreading TSRHC’s philosophy of providing superior treatment to children regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

How sought after is the hospital’s expertise? More than 160 physicians, or more than 10 percent of the pediatric orthopedic surgeons in North America, completed their advanced instruction in TSRHC fellowship programs. Internationally, Scottish Rite Hospital fellows have come from 21 countries, representing every continent but Antarctica, with many going on to assume leadership roles at medical institutions in their home countries.

The reach of TSRHC’s research team is equally broad. As a major medical research center, the hospital directs international studies such as leading the International Perthes Study Groupa team of physicians from the U.S. and eight other countries who came together to discover new approaches to Perthes disease, a hip disorder.

In addition, the hospital develops innovative treatments that lead to better outcomes for children with pediatric orthopedic disorders. For example, when the TSRH Spinal System for correcting spinal deformities was introduced, it was the most widely used treatment of its kind internationally. The hospital has also established itself as a global leader in limb lengthening and reconstruction, building on the work of Russian physician Gavril A. Ilizarov. Improving on his original frame, TSRHC orthopedists and researchers have created a series of patented limb-lengthening devices recognized around the world.

The impact of Scottish Rite Hospital’s leadership on the direction of pediatric orthopedics is evident through the high-ranking positions TSRHC physicians hold in esteemed medical associations. Chief Medical Officer
 B. Stephens Richards, M.D., recently led the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS). In addition, Richards and Herring are former presidents 
of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA), whose archive is housed at TSRHC. Assistant Chief of Staff Lori A. Karol, M.D., is president-elect of POSNA. She will become the first woman to assume the role of president at POSNA’s annual meeting in May.

With its international influence and dedication to education and collaboration, TSRHC has blossomed from its Texas roots into one of the most respected pediatric orthopedic institutions in the world. In that thriving spirit, TSRHC is constantly growing, evolving and reaching skyward, so that children – no matter where they are – can, too.

**This article was feature as the cover story of our Rite Up Magazine – 2015, Issue 1. View an e-mag version for more stories from this issue.

Assistant Chief of Staff Dr. Lori A. Karol Becomes First Woman to Lead POSNA

Dr. Lori KarolDr. Lori A. Karol, assistant chief of staff at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) and professor of orthopedic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center, will become the first woman president of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA) on Friday at the organization’s annual meeting in Atlanta.

Dr. Karol is a staff orthopedic surgeon at TSRHC and medical director of Performance Improvement and the Movement Science Laboratory at the hospital. In 2011, she won the Arthur Huene Memorial Award from POSNA for published research on clubfoot. She has been the group’s president-elect for 2014-15 and takes over the presidency from Dr. Gregory A. Mencia, director of pediatric orthopedics at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tenn.

Dr. Karol earned her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan and completed her fellowship in pediatric orthopedics and scoliosis at TSRHC in 1991. She joined the hospital in 1994. Dr. Karol is the third TSRHC surgeon to lead POSNA. Dr. J.A. “Tony” Herring, chief of staff emeritus, and Dr. B. Stephens “Steve” Richards, chief medical officer, are past presidents.

“I am immensely honored to be selected to serve as president of POSNA this year, and even more so to serve as the first woman president of our organization,” Dr. Karol said. “When I trained as an orthopedic surgeon, I was the only woman in my program for many years. Now, 40 percent of our newest members are female. POSNA has always been very open and accepting of diversity in its members. I hope my election as president will help open up leadership positions to the young women physicians who are now training in residency programs or are newly in practice. As the mother of three daughters, I want them to have the opportunity to serve as leaders in their careers some day.”

“Dr. Karol is a world class surgeon who cares deeply about the children she treats,” said TSRHC Chief of Staff Dr. Daniel J. Sucato. “Her patient care, teaching and research have improved countless children’s lives and her leadership in the field of pediatric orthopedics is a great example for other physicians to follow. She will make a great POSNA president.”

Dr. Karol is one of almost a dozen TSRHC physicians making presentations at the POSNA annual meeting being held at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta from Wednesday, April 29, to Saturday, May 2. With more than 1,200 members, POSNA is the preeminent organization for orthopedic surgeons who care for children in the United States and Canada. Its mission is to improve the lives of children through expert orthopedic care.

“We are very active in education of orthopedic surgeons, in advocacy for our pediatric orthopedic patients and in research to better the treatment outcomes for the children we care for,” Dr. Karol said.

Congratulations, Dr. Karol!

Inside Your Latest Rite Up Magazine – 2015, Issue 1

Rite Up, the hospital’s quarterly magazine, hit mailboxes this week! We’re giving you a sneak peek of all the great articles featured in this issue. View your copy at home or take a look at the E-Mag version on our website.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.42.21 AM

A World of Expertise, Locally Grown

TSRHC has blossomed from its Texas roots into one of the most respected pediatric orthopedic institutions in the world. Learn more in our cover story article.

A Colorful Celebration of Giving

TSRHC unveils a tribute to the generous donors who make the hospital’s mission possible. Read the article about our newly installed Giving Wall in our Donor Spotlight.

Trustee Profile: Making Each Moment Count

Trustee Tom Higgins has been a Texas Mason for nearly 50 years. Learn how he got involved with Masonry and TSRHC in our Trustee Profile.

New Lawson Fellow

Read about Ozan Razi, M.D., of Cyprus, Turkey, who is our current L. Ray Lawson, M.D., International Pediatric Spine Fellow specializing in the research of spinal deformity.

Patients in the Spotlight: Monkey Business Benefits TSRHC

TSRHC patient Emily, age 9 of Forney, Texas, helps raise funds and children’s spirits with her cheerful sock monkeys!

Hospital Happenings

View photos and updates from the following special events:

  • Amputee Ski Trip
  •  2014 Treasure Street
  • Dallas Cowboys Holiday Visit
  • San Angelo Sporting Clay Shoot
  • Cotton Bowl Visit 

You can also request to be mailed a copy of this quarterly magazine. Please call the Public Relations department at (214) 559-7656 or (800) 421-1121, ext. 7656.

Meet the New Assistant Chiefs of Staff for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, we take pride in providing expert treatment for all of our patients. We also know that each child is different, which is why our unique, multidisciplinary approach to the way we treat our patients is genuinely and specifically tailored to the needs of each child and family.

We also take pride in our staff, as they know that the gentlest of patients are children. Being one of the leading pediatric orthopedic centers, we make sure that all staff members are top-notch, outstanding leaders in the medical industry. With that, it is our deepest honor that we announce and introduce to you our newest Assistant Chiefs of Staff.

Lori A. Karol, M.D

Lori A. Karol, M.D.Receiving both undergraduate and medical degrees from The University of Michigan, Dr. Karol’s background lies in general and orthopedic surgery. Dr. Karol also completed the Harrington Fellowship of Pediatric Orthopaedics and Scoliosis here at TSRHC. Dr. Karol is also a professor of orthopedic surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, as well as being a current member on many different medical boards. One of Dr. Karol’s many accomplishments includes being awarded the Heune award for outstanding research by the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America.

Currently, Dr. Karol is the medical director of performance improvement and the movement science lab at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and president-elect of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America.

Karl E. Rathjen, M.D.

Karl E. Rathjen, M.D.Dr. Rathjen joins us with a background in orthopedic study specializing in pediatrics. Graduating with honors from The University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Rathjen received his medical degree from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Dr. Rathjen’s background also includes being a professor in orthopedic surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Division Director of Pediatric Orthopaedic Services, Children’s Health Dallas as well as being a member on several different professional medical boards.

Currently, Dr. Rathjen serves as a staff orthopedist and President of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Foundation.

Philip L. Wilson, M.D.

Philip L. Wilson, M.D.Dr. Wilson joins this team with a background in Sports Medicine and orthopedic surgery. Graduating from Baylor University, Dr. Wilson then went on to receive his medical degree from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School with fellowships specializing in pediatric orthopedics and sports medicine. Board certified, Dr. Wilson is also professionally affiliated with several different medical boards.

Currently, Dr. Wilson is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Sports Medicine Center in Plano.

United They Will Be

Through different backgrounds, history, and specialties, our newest Assistant Chiefs of Staff will come together to form a strong team. Just like TSRHC is dedicated to the health and happiness of children guided by specific core values, our new Assistant Chiefs of Staff will strive for that and even more.

April & May Special Events

Save the Date for the following events benefiting TSRHC in April & May. For more information or questions about any of these events, please contact our Special Events Department at (214) 559-7656.

April 18 – ACM Dierks Bently Charity Motorcycle Ride & Concert

The 2015 leading male American Country Music (ACM) Award nominee Dierks Bentley will host the ACM Charity Motorcycle Ride & Concert on Saturday, April 18. Proceeds from the event will benefit ACM Lifting Lives, the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Country Music dedicated to improving lives through the power of music, and local charities including Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton CountyTexas Scottish Rite Hospital for ChildrenBikers Against Child Abuse, and 444 Angel. Read more

April 25 – 2nd Annual Sonny Bryan’s “It’s in the Sauce” Celebrity Chef Barbecue Competition

For the second year in a row, TSRHC has been selected as one of the charities benefiting from this year’s cook-off. Using Sonny Bryan’s signature barbecue sauce live during the event local Chefs Jason Hoffman, Chad Houser, Jeramie Robison, and Tre Wilcox will each create a one-of-a-kind barbecue dish. Read more

April 25 – Rotary Club of Dallas Bike Rodeo and Child Safety Day

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, the Rotary Club of Dallas will partner with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children to host the 14th annual Rotary Club of Dallas Bike Rodeo & Child Safety Day. The Bike Rodeo & Child Safety Day gives children from around the Dallas community the opportunity to learn about safety in a fun, family environment. The Bike Rodeo & Child Safety Day is free of charge to all participants, so everyone is invited to come and join in the fun! Read more

April 25 – Emi’s Color Shoot

TSRHC patient Emi decided she wanted to give back to the hospital, and she and her family came up with Emi’s Color Shoot in Amarillo, Texas. This event is open to the public and features shooting sporting clays, horse races, live auction and live music.

For more information,  view event flyer or contact Brian Fleming at (806) 674-6624 or email

April 30 – May 3 – Big D Charity Horse Show

This year, the Big D Charity Horse Show will take place Thursday, April 30 – Sunday, May 3 at the Las Colinas Equestrian Center in Irving. The Horse Show has been held in the North Dallas community for last 40 years and this will be the 10th year for the show’s events to benefit TSRHC. Read more

May 7 & 8 – Elizabeth Toon Concert & Shootout

Elizabeth Toon Charities (ETC) is founded on the principles of faith, hope and love. They support organizations that provide education, assistance, comfort and therapy to those who have been impacted by abuse, grief, poverty, disabilities or terminal illnesses.

ETC is hosting their 9th annual concert and shootout this May and they have again selected TSRHC as a beneficiary. TSRHC supports both events by providing volunteers. ETC has raised nearly $375,000 for the patients at TSRHC. Read more

May 9 – Farm & Ranch Day

Farm & Ranch Day was started with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service to celebrate Texas agriculture. This is our 17th annual Farm & Ranch Day. TSRHC patients, families and friends are invited to participate in a variety of fun, hands-on activities focusing on various aspects of Texas agriculture. Read more

May 16 – 12th Annual ASA Poker Run and Cook-out (Motorcycle ride)

Established in 2004 by Associated Builders & Contractors, what is now the ASA Poker Run has raised nearly $215,000 for the benefit of patients at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. The funds raised by this event are split between TSRHC and Happy Hill Farm. Read more

Sonny Bryan’s Gears Up For Second Annual ‘It’s In the Sauce’ Celebrity Chef Barbecue Competition

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse announced the line-up of culinary masters who will compete on Saturday, April 25, in the legendary barbecue restaurant’s second annual ‘It’s in the Sauce’ competition, a flavorful fundraiser to benefit four Dallas non-profit organizations. Chefs Jason Hoffman, Chad Houser, Jeramie Robison, and Tre Wilcox will each create a one-of-a-kind barbecue dish using Sonny Bryan’s signature barbecue sauce live during the event at LOOK Cinemas from 11 am to 1 pm.

2nd Annual Its in the Sauce copyThe participating charities include Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Susan G. Komen Dallas County, Vogel Alcove and Youth with Faces. Barbecue-lovers and spectators alike can purchase a ticket in advance at and at the door for $20. Attendees can then sample all four creations and cast a vote by placing their ticket in their favorite’s ballot box. Each vote also adds a $20 donation to the chef’s chosen charity, but the non-profit represented by each chef will not be revealed until all votes are cast. The chef who receives the most tickets will receive an additional $5,000 from Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse for the charity of his choice.

Clarice Tinsley, FOX 4 News anchor/reporter, will serve as emcee, and the event will feature fun for the whole family with live music, a face painter, balloon maker and more!

The Chefs

Jason Hoffman: Jason Hoffman serves as Executive Culinary Manager of LOOK Cinemas and IVY Kitchen.  Jason came to LOOK Cinemas from Rave Cinemas where he held the title of Corporate Food and Beverage Manager.  Prior to his time at Rave, he held multiple positions with Consilient Restaurants in the Dallas area, including Executive Chef of Hibiscus, opening AGM and Kitchen Operations Coordinator of The Porch, and Managing Partner of Cuba Libre.  He also spent 12 years as Kitchen Manager with Hillstone Restaurant Group.  Jason has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas.  He has been very active in civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Christian Community Action. Supporting him in his career is his wife Lisa, and two sons, ages 11 and 14.

Chad Houser: After 17 years as a chef, Chad sold his partnership of Parigi Restaurant to devote his full attention the role of Executive Director of Café Momentum in 2012. His charisma and passion to teach life, social and employment skills to Dallas’ most at-risk youth that makes Houser a hit with everyone from philanthropists and dinner-goers to the young men participating in the program. Chad has received multiple nominations from D Magazine and most recently was named as one of the United States Junior Chamber’s Outstanding Young Americans, a “Top 50 Under 40” by the Social Enterprise Alliance, an “Urban Innovator to Watch” by the New Cities Foundation, as one of “30 Most Interesting People in the Metro Area” by the Dallas Observer, and one of Good Magazine’s “Good 100.” Café Momentum’s first brick-and-mortar restaurant and classroom space opened in January on Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas.

Jeramie Robison: As a native Louisianan, Jeramie’s passion for food is deeply rooted in the south.  He learned the ins and outs of southern cooking from his parents in his hometown of Ruston.  At 18 Jeramie left Ruston to attend Johnson and Wells in Denver.  His first job out of school was at the Mansion under Chef John Tesar, which led to working in New York for Chef David Burke at Fishtail and then at Restaurant Cinq in Houston’s boutique hotel La Colombe’Or.ccHe learned to love Japanese food and culture while working as chef de cuisine at Austin’s critically acclaimed Uchi.  He is now serving as the executive chef at Shinsei.  Jeramie and his wife just welcomed their first child.

Tre Wilcox: Wilcox worked his way up the culinary ranks through good old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears. By the age of 29 he earned a 5 star review at Abacus, where he served as chef de cuisine. He appeared on Top Chef (Season 3) and on Iron Chef America. Twice nominated for the “Rising Star Chef “award by the James Beard Foundation, Wilcox was also named Best Chef by the Dallas Morning News after opening Village Marquee Grill in Highland Park Village in 2011. As an award-winning chef and television personality, Wilcox began to expand on his other gift, sharing his passion for food through teaching. He used the three letters of his first name as an acronym for good cooking, Techniques, Recipes & Execution, and TRE Cooking Concepts was born.

Join us rain or shine!  For more information, visit

Special thanks to our sponsors

 Bruce S. Chandler Photography, Ducky-Bob’s and LOOK Cinemas

About Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse

Since 1958, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse has served up melt-in-your-mouth barbecue and heaping helpings of hospitality. The Dallas-based family of restaurants has seven locations in the DFW Metroplex. Sonny Bryan’s has served U.S. Presidents, entertainers, sports legends and other famous patrons, in addition to loyal fans who can’t get enough of the company’s legendary barbecue. Sonny Bryan’s is committed to serving the community through donations of food and financial support to non-profit organizations. In addition to restaurants, Sonny Bryan’s also runs a full-service catering division for special events and corporate meetings. Visit for a complete list of locations and menus. Get the latest news and offers from Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse on Facebook and Twitter.

About LOOK Cinemas

Dallas-based LOOK Cinemas offers state-of-the-art theatres featuring luxurious reserved seating, as well as signature restaurants. You can LOOK & Dine in our dine-in theatres with full food and beverage service; savor handcrafted cocktails and light fare with your movie in The Lofts; stretch out in one of our three spacious seating options in the Living Rooms; or enjoy our largest screens paired with power recliners and Dolby Atmos sound in Evolution. LOOK Cinemas is located on Beltline Road at the intersection of Prestonwood Road in north Dallas.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Child Life Spotlight: Empowering children and families to master challenges in health care

For more than 30 years, TSRHC has enlisted the services of our Child Life department as a way to treat the “whole child” and make sure each patient is having a positive experience at the hospital. Through this spotlight we hope you will understand a bit more about the field of Child Life and also learn how you can contact this department for your next visit to TSRHC.

What is Child Life?

Andrea Brown - staff, Tylan McCallister - pt

Child Life Specialists (CLS) 
focus on the social, emotional, developmental and educational needs of children and teenagers in the hospital setting. To help reduce fear and promote coping during the visit, a CLS can provide the following services to your child:



  • Prepare and support the patient for medical procedures
  • Educate them about their diagnosis
  • Teach coping techniques to use during medical experiences
  • Engage in medical play
  • Provide outlets for self-expression
  • Support for brothers and sisters

Being Admitted to the Hospital?

Staying at the hospital can sometimes be stressful. Children may be nervous, worried, have questions and/or
have behavioral changes prior to a hospitalization.

  • A CLS will meet with your child on admission day to provide age- appropriate preparation for their hospitalization and answer any questions they may have.
  • Pre-admission tours are an extra service available to your child. These can be beneficial to help alleviate nervousness prior to admission day.

Here for a Clinic Appointment?

Coming to the hospital for a clinic appointment can be stressful, too! If your child is nervous or has questions about coming to their appointment, a CLS can help prepare the child by answering questions as well as be present for the following:

  • Cast removal
  • Radiology procedure
  • IV placement
Lab draw
  • Surgery discussion
  • Joint injection
  • Radiology procedure (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, VCUG, etc)
  • Anything potentially stressful

Who Makes up the Team?

Child Life Specialists are professionals who are certified through the Child Life Council. They hold bachelors and/or masters degrees in child development, psychology, or a related field. Their training includes a specialized internship in a pediatric hospital setting. Other team members include Activity Coordinators, who have a background in child development. Volunteers assist the Activity Coordinators in organizing patient activities in the inpatient playroom.

Meet Our Child Life Team

Andrea Brown, BS, CCLS, Child Life Specialist
Cassandra James, MS, CCLS, Child Life Specialist
Mellina McCormick, BS, CCLS, Child Life Specialist
Brianne Odom, BS, CCLS, Child Life Specialist
Paige Legan, BS, Child Life Activity Coordinator
Sarah Coury-Rios, MME, Child Life Activity Coordinator

How to Contact Child Life

Dominiqe Ramirez - pt, Paige Legan - staff, Diamond Morgan - ptAs a parent or caregiver, you can request that any hospital staff member contact a Child Life Specialist to meet with your child during their appointment.

To schedule a visit with a Child Life Specialist or a pre-admission tour, please contact the Child Life team. Call 214-559-7795 or email


Patient Family Testimonial

TSRHC Photos Selected for National Children’s Hospitals Photo Exhibit

Three photographs by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children photographers Sarah Lassen and Lee Baker were selected for inclusion in the 2015 Children’s Hospitals Photo Exhibit, a national competition administered by the Children’s Hospital Association. The exhibit, comprised of powerful images of brave patients, supportive families and compassionate health care providers, celebrates children’s hospitals’ commitment to the health of all children.

These photos were chosen from more than 250 photographs submitted by 57 children’s hospitals across the country by a distinguished panel of judges representing Parents magazine, The Exposure Group, The National Portrait Gallery, American University’s School of Communications and the Children’s Hospitals Today editorial advisory group.

The Children’s Hospitals Photo Exhibit will be on display to the general public June 15 -16 in the foyer of the Rayburn House Building and the week of June 22 in the rotunda of the Russell Senate Building in Washington, D.C. In addition the exhibit will travel around the country for the two years displaying at children’s hospitals and partnering organizations in support of a wide variety of outreach efforts and events.

Congratulations to Sarah and Lee on their beautiful award-winning images! Visit the Children’s Hospitals website to view the entire 2015 exhibit.


The Doctor-Patient Connection

TSRHC_Photo 2 of 8Along with expert care, a personal touch is one of the hallmarks of treatment at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas. In this case, chief of staff Dr. Daniel J. Sucato makes a connection with scoliosis patient Alexandra, 7, of Texarkana, who is receiving halo traction to straighten her spine as much as possible before surgery. TSRHC is a pioneer in the treatment of scoliosis, the most common childhood pediatric orthopaedic condition. In the 1970s, Dr. Tony Herring, then chief of staff, led an aggressive program to develop innovative procedures and implant systems. By the mid-1980s, hospital researchers had developed a surgical method of correction that does not require bracing or casting afterward, reducing a patient’s recovery time. The TSRH® Spinal Implant System™ became the most widely used implant system for spinal deformity correction in the world and has been modified over the years for improved results. At the Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay/Martha and Pat Beard Center for Excellence in Spine Research, the staff focuses on determining the genetic causes of scoliosis. They have discovered three genes associated with idiopathic scoliosis, allowing the medical community to form hypotheses to explain what causes the condition and provide tools for further research. The goal is to identify scoliosis earlier, better understand the factors that lead to curve progression and develop better ways to prevent progression and improve surgical treatment.

Photo by Lee Baker  


State of the Art

Miguel Rizo - ptIn June, Miguel became the youngest recipient in North Texas of a revolutionary bionic hand called the ‘bebionic’ and the first to be fitted for the device at TSRHC. Only 350 people nationwide have received this new model in the series, the bebionic3, which took three years to create. Manufactured in Leeds, England, by RSLSteeper, it is the most advanced commercially available bionic hand in the world today. The hand is expected to last three to four years and can bear 99 pounds of weight. Surface electrodes pick up signals to control the movement of the hand, which is equipped with complex software programmed for up to 18 different movements. “Now I have no excuse not to write my essays,” Miguel says.


Photo by Sarah Lassen  


Just Being a Kid

Dylan FanThe TSRHC Therapeutic Recreation department is at the center of the hospital’s approach of treating the whole child. In fact, patients report that camps like the one Dylan attended have been as important to their well being as their medical care. At camps like the one dedicated to hand patients, kids get to meet other children with the same conditions and learn from them. The goal is to foster independence and self-confidence while developing and improving communication and problem solving skills in an enjoyable “can do” setting. The retreat includes fishing, sports, games, arts and crafts, cooking and a ropes course.

Photo by Sarah Lassen