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Allan Shivers Park Renovation Update

Construction on the Allan Shivers Park renovation has begun and the vision of a new, beautiful park is coming to fruition. The entire park, not just the playground, is being renovated. This includes a new gazebo, as well as an ADA compliant sidewalk along Welborn Street and at the park entrance. The original play equipment, built in 1992, has been removed to make room for innovative and colorful, new play structures.

Vance Worley age 1 of Brighton Colo_07

“We are excited that the park renovation is officially underway,” says Don Katz, Facilities & Operations. “A lot of care and thought have gone into the plans and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product.”

Thank you for your cooperation as construction continues to take place. The new park, scheduled for completion in early summer, is sure to be a treat for allTSRHC patients, families and staff!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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