Movement Science Laboratory

The Movement Science Laboratory at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children evaluates patients' walking and movement patterns using 3-D motion capture technology. In the lab, small reflective balls are attached to the child, and special cameras measure the motion of the markers while the child walks across the lab or performs certain motions. We also evaluate children performing simple tests outside the laboratory such as the six minute walk test or agility courses. The information helps TSRHC medical staff make decisions about the best treatment options for the child.

Research and Professional Training

The Movement Science Lab is also used for research to study the outcome of different surgical procedures, compare patient populations and evaluate the effects of physical and occupational therapy and orthotic and prosthetic services. If you are interested in participating as a research subject in one of our studies, please contact us at 214-559-7580 or gaitlab@tsrh.org.

The Movement Science Lab staff is a multidisciplinary team with specialized training in biomechanics and bioengineering. Staff members collect and analyze a wide range of human locomotor activities to provide information to physicians considering treatment options. Research findings are published to answer questions for the medical field about locomotion theories.

Visiting the Movement Science Lab

Your TSRHC doctor may refer your child to the Movement Science Lab to gather information about the way your child walks or moves. The information helps the doctor understand what treatments may best help your child function.

Read about what to expect when visiting the Movement Science Lab.

For More Information

Please call 214-559-7580 or 800-421-1121, ext. 7580.