TRUE/LOKTM External Fixation System

In 1993, researchers at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children developed the TRUE/LOKTM External Fixation System, a modified version of the Ilizarov circular fixator, which was further upgraded to reach modern design. The device was created to treat deformities and bone traumas and to lengthen limbs with a simpler frame and better comfort to the patient. 

Distraction Osteogenesis

The TRUE/LOKTM External Fixation System uses a surgical process called distraction osteogenesis to correct limb length discrepancies. In this process, the bone is surgically split in two sections and slowly moved apart by the TRUE/LOKTM external fixator, allowing new bone to form in the gap. Distraction osteogenesis expands both the bone volume and the soft tissues surrounding the bone.

While the process is proven to be successful, it takes many months to finish and requires a commitment from the patient and family to complete the treatment.

About the TRUE/LOKTM

The TRUE/LOKTM external fixator, which has been used to treat thousands of children, is designed to reduce the complexity of adjusting the frame after surgery. The system is a major improvement to the Ilizarov fixator, allowing surgeons to salvage limbs in certain cases of severe trauma that previously resulted in amputation.

The hospital holds more than 12 U.S. and international patents on the TRUE/LOKTM external fixator.