French Functional (Physical Therapy) Method

The French functional (physical therapy) method is one of two nonsurgical treatment options that Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children uses to treat infants born with clubfoot. The method consists of daily stretching, mobilization (exercise and massage) and taping to slowly move the foot to the correct position.

TSRHC's Treatment Program

A trained physical therapist directs care of children whose parents elect to pursue the French Method.  Visits with our therapists initially averages three sessions each week (30-60 minutes per session) for mobilization and stretching of the foot, taping it to maintain correction and fitting it with a molded plastic splint.

Our therapists teach the parents how to conduct the mobilization, stretching and taping at home. Because most clubfoot improvement occurs within the first three months, visits to the hospital become less frequent after this point. Daily stretching, taping and splinting of the child's foot is continued by the parents at home until the child reaches 2 years of age.