Child Safety Tips

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Participating in yard work helps teens learn responsibility, and their first responsibility should be learning proper safety measures. This means you need to spend time with your teenagers demonstrating the precautions to take when mowing the lawn.

Insist that they wear protective eye goggles, long pants, ear plugs and sturdy shoes that cover the entire foot in order to avoid unnecessary injuries. Then, take them through the proper procedures for filling the mower with fuel, checking the oil and storing the fuel in a child-proof container.

Teach your teens to inspect the yard for potentially hazardous objects before starting the mower. Impress upon them the importance of never leaving a running mower unattended. Make it a rule that they can't mow where kids are playing or let younger children operate the mower. Finally, you can't stress this too often to teenagers - the mower is a tool, not a toy.

At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, we realize just how important proper safety training can be. By taking the time to carefully teach your family, you can turn mowing into a safe learning experience for them all.

**These safety tips are provided by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in conjunction with Texas Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities.