Pat & Claude Prestidge, M.D.

Pam Nurenberg, M.D. & David H. Ewalt, M.D.



Sofia Michelle Ansari and Dr. Basit A. Ali
Ginny and Randy Bailey
Kathy and Mark Bateman
Eleanor and John G. Birch, M.D.
Donna and Jeff Bosse
Stephanie Brigger
Shannon and Roy Bryan
Devonie and McLean Coble
Cynthia Comparin and Denny Alberts
John R. Conte
Heather and Dan Cooper, M.D.
Erin and Lawson Copley, M.D.
Molly Dempsey, M.D.
Teri Dorazil
Kacy and Henry Ellis, M.D.
Kristen and Mitchell Fagelman, M.D.
Tamara Mattison and Mark Floyd
Amanda and Mark Francis
Harriet Kelly Gibbe
Clarice Tinsley and Stephen Giles
Lolette and Jim Girards
Drs. Gail and Fred Hackney
Kathy and Tony Herring, M.D.

Cindy Hodge
Dr. Stephanie and Darren Houck
Elisabeth V. Jackson, M.D.
Ellen and Charlie Johnston, M.D.
Mari and Jeff Jones
Lori A. Karol, M.D. and Robert Karol
Anna Seo, D.D.A. and Harry Kim, M.D.
Susan Knape
Austin Lewis
Cynthia Scott and Craig E. Litz, M.D.
Stacie and Christopher Martin
Ashley and Brett McClellan
Stephanie and Blair Mercer
Peggy and Dan Meyer, M.D.
Kelly and James Middleton
Janie and Steve Montague
Lark and J. C. Montgomery, Jr.
Lisa Moore
Niven Morgan and Shelby Wagner
Lauren Murphy
Heather and Robert Murphy

Katherine Matangos
Pam Nurenberg, M.D. and David H. Ewalt, M.D.
Beth Ann and Scott Oishi, M.D.
Andrea and Ryan Overturf
Ann and Dave Podeszwa, M.D.
Pat and Claude Prestidge, M.D.
Carolyn and Karl Rathjen, M.D.
Christina and Tony Riccio, M.D.
Deni and Steve Richards, M.D.
Carrie and Jonathan Rios, Ph.D.
Fay Z. Safavi, M.D. and Shahriar Safavi, M.D.
Kristy and Rob Sender
Karin and Mark Shoffner
Maria and Steve Sparagana, M.D.
Juli Spottiswood
Lisa and Dan Sucato, M.D., M.S.
Denice and Dale M. Swift, M.D.
Liz Tankersley
Lisa and Scott Wilson
Susan and Scott Wilson
Carol Wise, Ph.D. and John Wise, D.D.S.
Jean A. Wall, M.D. and Gary Young