Neurocognitive Baseline Testing

This is a collection of tests used to assess the cognitive function of the athlete’s brain. Like many local high schools, our team uses ImPACT™, an online, neurocognitive baseline testing system. Each computerized test measures the ability to perform certain tasks such as memory and reaction time.

Baseline scores are stored for future reference. In the event of a concussion, an athlete can repeat the test and the Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC) can then analyze the results. The comparison of the post-injury scores to the baseline test helps the provider develop an individualized plan for the athlete.
Our Sports Medicine specialists, Dr. Shane Miller and Dr. Jane Chung are Credentialed ImPACT Consultants. Along with our athletic trainers, Josh Stevens, A.T.C., L.A.T.  and Jamie Wightman, A.T.C., L.A.T., they have undergone specialized ImPACT training to administer and interpret this test as part of their concussion care management.

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