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May: Stephen’s Moment to Shine

Meet Analia, age 6, of Carrollton, and Volunteer Executive Committee President Stephen Apple. In his words below: My Defining Moment: As a Scottish Rite Mason, I knew about TSRHC. I took a tour – that did it/ I wanted to be a volunteer. My Moment to Remember: I saw a little girl with prosthetic legs […]

Getting back to sports after an ACL Reconstruction – TSRHC Sports Medicine

After an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, many young athletes choose to have surgery to replace the ACL. In very active kids, the knee is often unstable and at risk of injury without this important ligament. Returning to sports after this procedure takes time and a lot of work. The post-surgery / “new” ACL, called […]

Playground Safety Tips from our Fracture Clinic Experts

Free play and playground time is becoming more valuable to our over-scheduled children. We want to share some of our experience by giving you some suggestions to keep these moments as safe as possible. Our Fracture Clinic pediatric nurse practitioner, Ray Kleposki, tells us that young kids playing on equipment that is not designed with […]

Landmark Study May Pave the Way for Personalized Treatment of Lupus and Other Complex Autoimmune Diseases

Dallas researcher, Virginia Pascual, MD, publishes new findings in prestigious Cell journal DALLAS (March 31, 2016) – New research that may dramatically improve drug development for systemic lupus erythematosus patients will be published April 21 in Cell, the most prestigious scientific journal among biologists. The paper, “Personalized Immunomonitoring Uncovers Molecular Networks That Stratify Lupus Patients,” […]

Exclusive Evening of Accessible Luxury on Friday, April 15

Enjoy fashion, food, jewelry and cars while benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Set against the luxurious backdrop of Park Place Premier Collection, Accessible Luxury is one of Dallas’ most fashionable events. Hosted by event chairmen Emily and Buck Branson and honorary chairmen Tia and Kelly Kraft, Accessible Luxury is now in its seventh […]

April: Layla’s Moment to Shine

Meet Layla, age 16, of Dallas. My Defining Moment: I came because I had an extra bone in my ankle that was causing scar tissue buildup, swelling and inflammation. My Moment to Remember: I was invited to speak at the hospital’s KidSwing Golf Tournament, which was cool because I’ve never done that kind of thing. […]

National Doctor’s Day is Wednesday, March 30

We celebrate our wonderful and caring physicians in honor of National Doctor’s Day and everyday. Below are a few facts about our incredible team: Did You Know? We have 19 orthopedic surgeons and 37 total full-time staff physicians All physicians hold faculty appointments at UT Southwestern and are renowned for outstanding research and teaching of medical […]

TSRHC Spring Event Roundup

From golf outings to a glamorous evening fundraiser, our spring calendar is full of fun activities with a range of interests in mind. Check out some of the following special events taking place in the Dallas area. Full details are available on our website events calendar. For the Golfer Preview some of the season’s diverse golfing events. […]

Athletic Trainers and Baseline Testing – TSRHC Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine team at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children’s North Campus would not be complete without our athletic trainers. In conjunction with Athletic Training month, established by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, we are celebrating our athletic trainers Josh Stevens, A.T.C., L.A.T., and Jamie Wightman, A.T.C., L.A.T. Like many of their peers working […]

Busy Kids and Broken Bones – TSRHC Announces New Fracture Clinic

Constantly on the move, kids are bound to get hurt once in a while. Because of the open growth plates in young bones, kids are more likely to break a bone than sprain a ligament. Injuries that result in a bad sprain for an adult will often cause a broken bone in children, according to […]

Helping Children Like Colby

When you witness the poise and fluid movements of Colby on stage, you know you’re witnessing a young dance professional and ballerina in action. In fact, Colby couldn’t picture life without dancing, and nothing, not even scoliosis, was going to keep her from pursuing the art of dance. Discover how Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for […]

Bouncing Back: Helping a Young Athlete Cope with an Injury or Surgery

Young athletes are tough, but an injury or upcoming surgery can cause even the most levelheaded athlete to stress. At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, we are fortunate to have a psychologist, trained in sport psychology, on our team. Erica Force, Ph.D., tells us that some patients may be more likely to have problems […]

Volunteer at the 2016 Reverchon Roundup

Spring’s return brings opportunities for renewal, refreshment and the annual Reverchon Roundup. Taking place Saturday, March 5, at 9:30 a.m., this annual cleanup event, now in its 18th year, benefits the historic Reverchon Park, just steps from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) in Dallas. Find out how you can join TSRHC in rolling […]

March: Isaac’s Moment to Shine

Meet Isaac, age 11, of Amarillo. My Defining Moment: The fingers on my left hand are stuck together except for my thumb. My doctor referred me to TSRHC to get help. My Moment to Remember: TSRHC is really nice. Everyone is friendly. The first time there, I saw lots of kids and I knew I […]

The Cotton Patch Cafe Challenge is Back!

Join us as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cotton Patch Cafe Challenge! Thanks to our wonderful friends at the Cotton Patch Cafe, every donation of $25 made to TSRHC beginning February 29th will be matched in $25 Cotton Patch Cafe gift cards (up to $1,000 per donor). Give today and claim a heapin’ helpin’ […]

Heart Health tips for Young Athletes from our Sports Medicine Team

As a nation, we celebrate our loved ones and cardiac health in February. In pediatric sports medicine, we are passionate about heart health. A well-rounded view of heart health means being aware of the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac death. The sudden death of a young athlete is rare, but when it happens, it […]

Tips to Keep Safe on the Slopes

When hitting the slopes, it’s important to have the right equipment. Staying safe while skiing is a top priority for the 35th Annual Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Amputee Ski Trip. In honor of this special event, we’ve put together some important safety tips for fun in the snow. Wear Sunscreen – Even if the […]

Welcome to TSRHC, Dr. Jane Chung!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Jane Chung to our sports medicine practice at our North Campus in Plano! Her special interests include: pediatric / adolescent sports medicine, sports concussions, conditions in female athletes and sports injury prevention. Check out her website bio for more information or watch our “60 seconds with Dr. Jane Chung” video:  

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Natalie, age 14 of Fort Worth

Natalie, age 14 of Fort Worth, has been a part of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) family for most of her life. Born without a fibula bone, she came to TSRHC when she was only 11 months old to have her left foot amputated. But Natalie didn’t let that slow her down. […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Jeremiah, age 16 of Dallas

Jeremiah, age 16 of Dallas, Texas, has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) since 2006. Due to the development of osteosarcoma in his bones, he now wears a full leg prosthesis. Jeremiah likes to play basketball and video games with friends outside of school and wants to be an aircraft […]

Don’t Let a Basketball Injury Slow Down Your Young Athlete – TSRHC Sports Medicine

Hand injuries are common in youth basketball. Some studies suggest there are as many as 7-10 injuries per 1,000 practices or games. Christine Ho, M.D., Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) pediatric orthopedic hand surgeon, offers some insight. Dr. Ho sees hand injuries in all ages and all skill levels of basketball players. In […]

Treating Perthes Disease

Also known as Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, Perthes disease is a childhood disorder of the hip. The disease affects the ball portion of the hip joint, known as the femoral head. Perthes is uncommon— approximately 5 to 10 children per 100,000 will be diagnosed — and it more commonly affects boys -1 in 760 boys. Here are […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Tatyana, age 15 of Corsicana

Tatyana was born with amniotic band syndrome; a condition that caused her to have her right leg amputated when she was just one year old. Luckily, she was in the expert care of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC). Today, Tatyana is a vibrant 15-year-old living in Corsicana. When she is not playing trumpet […]

TSRHC Patient Delaney Named 94.9 KLTY Student Athlete of the Month

We are excited to announce that Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) patient Delaney is 94.9 KLTY’s Student Athlete of the Month. About Delaney Age / Grade: 18 / Senior School: Dallas Christian School Sport: Soccer Why She Was Nominated: Delaney is a great example of faith and perseverance. She has been a leg amputee since she was […]

Our Pediatric Orthopaedic Education Series is this Saturday

Physicians and other health-care professionals attending the Pediatric Orthopaedic Education Series (POES) on Saturday will experience fully interactive sessions with 11 specialists from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, according to Dr. Anthony Riccio, the course director. Instead of a lecture, each of the nine continuing medical education sessions will be built around multiple-choice questions […]

Calling All Dancers – Chance to Dance is February 16 – March 29

Chance to Dance is an eight-week introductory dance class that is offered for our patients (both male and female) between the ages 5 and 12. This class is also open to the patient’s siblings and friends! The class will explore different styles that make up popular social and cultural dance. No previous dance experience necessary. Class Location Solarium […]

Did you know? – An Interview with Dr. Henry Ellis

We’ve told you that our sports medicine surgeon, Dr. Henry Ellis, is the medical director of our annual amputee ski trip for TSRHC patients, but did you know that he is also one of the team physicians for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association? How long have you been a team physician for the U.S. […]

February: Candace’s Moment to Shine

Meet Candace, age 17, of Garland. My Defining Moment: I had cancer in my ankle when I was 4. My leg was amputated below the knew and my prosthesis came from TSRHC. My Moment to Remember: Wanda McFadden was my prosthetist from age 4 to 18. She made sure my leg fit perfectly – every […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Joshua, age 16 of Houston

Joshua, age 16 of Houston, has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children since 2009 when he contracted meningococcemia and had his left foot amputated. Joshua hasn’t let the setback slow him down. He is a member of the Boys Scouts of America and plays guitar and competitive computer games. He plans […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Miranda, age 16 of Frisco

Miranda, age 16 of Frisco, Texas, has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) since 2012. She wears a full prosthetic on her left leg. Miranda loves to dance; she is on her high school drill team and also likes tap and jazz. Outside of school, Miranda is a volunteer at […]

Center for Dyslexia Educational Outreach

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is dedicated to its educational outreach. The Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders serves as a host facility for seminars to assist educators in understanding dyslexia and identifying the disorder in public schools. The educational outreach opportunities at the center also educate attendees in the dyslexia interventions […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Cody, age 14 of Keller

Cody, age 14 of Keller, Texas, has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) since he was just six weeks old. Cody was born missing both his tibias (shinbones) and knees. After numerous consultations with TSRHC Chief of Staff Emeritus Dr. Tony Herring, it was decided that it was in Cody’s […]

Learn about our Center for Pediatric Bone Biology and Translational Research

A core mission of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is to conduct research that improves the care of children. Since 1921, the hospital has developed a deep reservoir of medical history, renowned expertise in treating pediatric orthopedic disorders, and a robust research program that fosters a strong collaboration between clinic and laboratory. Through patient-centered research, […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Whitney, age 17 of Ruston, Louisiana

Whitney, age 17 of Ruston, Louisiana, is a patient with the prosthetics department at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC). In her spare time, Whitney cheerleads on a pom squad and is an ambassador for the Amputee Coalition of America. Whitney hopes to one day start a business of training dogs and is currently training […]

What is Osteochondritis Dissecans? – TSRHC Sports Medicine

Watson didn’t know anything about osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) when he first came to see Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children sports medicine surgeon, Philip L. Wilson, M.D., he only knew that his knees hurt. But if you talk to him now, this young athlete knows all the symptoms to look out for and the importance of […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Alfredo, age 17 of Mansfield

Alfredo, age 17, of Mansfield, Texas, has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) for five years. He has never been skiing or snowboarding before, but after seeing pictures of other ski trips is excited to go. Alfredo likes to draw, using everything from paint to charcoal to pencils. For his […]

TSRHC to host the Pediatric Orthopaedic Education Series on Saturday, February 6

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) will host the Pediatric Orthopaedic Education Series in Dallas on Saturday, February 6. Keeping Out of Trouble The topic of this conference is “Keeping out of Trouble in Pediatric Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine – 
A Case-Based Approach to Avoiding Jeopardy.” This course is designed for pediatricians, family practitioners, […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Christopher, age 14 of Grapevine

Christopher, age 14, of Grapevine, Texas, was born missing the fibular bone of his left leg. He has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) since he was two weeks old. After undergoing a Symes amputation, he adjusted quickly to his prosthesis and was walking by age 13 months. Now he […]

Bracing Compliance Improves When Scoliosis Patients Know They’re Monitored

Study found adolescents wore braces longer and enjoyed better outcomes when tracking data shared Adolescent scoliosis patients being treated with bracing were more likely to comply when they knew that the number of hours they wore their braces was being monitored and they were counseled on the results, according to a study published last week in […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Jazmyn age 17 of Irving

Jazmyn, age 17 of Irving, Texas, has been treated at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) since 2013. Due to the development of Osteosarcoma in her bones, she now wears a full leg prosthesis. This will be Jazmyn’s second year going on the TSRHC ski trip and she is looking forward to skiing and […]

How Occupational Therapy Can Help Your Child

What Is Occupational Therapy? Occupations are all of the activities we do in our daily lives. For a child or adolescent, occupations include play, school, work, leisure activities and daily routines. Occupational therapy (OT) helps when a child’s disability or illness interferes with these activities. Occupational Therapy Services at TSRHC Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for […]

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Erika, age 17 of Wylie

Erika, age 17 of Wylie, Texas, has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) since 2006. She had severe clubfeet as a child, which required amputation. Erika is most looking forward to seeing the old ski instructors from last year and getting to know new friends on the trip. She loves […]

Shop at Saint Bernard Sports on Thursday, January 14

Join us at Saint Bernard Sports in Inwood Village next Thursday, January 14 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. When you shop, 20% of sales will benefit the TSRHC Amputee Ski Trip.

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Taj, age 16 of Fort Worth

Taj, age 16 of Fort Worth, Texas, moved from New Orleans to Texas after hurricane Katrina. Once in Texas, Taj came to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for treatment on his foot. He was born with fibular hemimelia and this condition resulted in a Symes amputation, which kept his heel intact but removed the […]

January: Prajith’s Moment to Shine

Meet Prajith, age 10, of Austin, with Christopher H. Martin, artist.   My Defining Moment: The main reason my family moved from California to Texas was to get my scoliosis treated at TSRHC. A Moment to Remember: The staff knew what my favorite toy was and surprised me with it after surgery to help my […]