Hand Disorders

The physicians at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children treat numerous hand conditions for children.

What Hand Disorders Are Congenital?

“Congenital” means that a condition was present at birth. Some of the common congenital hand conditions include:

Other Hand Disorders

TSRHC also treats children who need complex reconstruction following trauma or have hand disorders related to neurological conditions or nerve injuries. Examples of these complex problems include:

  • Nerve and skeletal injuries
  • Limb disorders due to cerebral palsy
  • Growth disorders in the upper limb
  • Juvenile arthritis

Hand Center and TSRHC

TSRHC's Charles E. Seay, Jr. Hand Center provides unique, specialized care for children with hand and upper limb deformities through quality patient care, education and research. Our goal is to help each child obtain the best function and to be as independent as possible. The hand surgeons at TSRHC train doctors from around the world in the treatment of a wide range of hand disorders.

Experts in Care

Physicians at TSRHC are always working to improve a patient's level of function. An example of this approach is the pollicization procedure, which creates a thumb out of a child's functioning index finger.

Through this procedure, children who are missing a thumb or have a small thumb that does not function can gain greater precision in pinch and greater ability to grasp larger objects.


Although heredity is known to be a contributing factor in some congenital hand anomalies, most occur with no known cause and cannot be prevented.

Other hand disorders develop over time because of other conditions, illness or injury.

Some diagnoses are readily apparent and can be made by thorough examination alone.

Other diagnoses may require special tests, including X-rays, other imaging or lab work.

Your hand surgeon will explain treatment options, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy or surgery.

Your doctor will work with you to improve your child’s hand function and provide individualized treatment to meet your child and family’s needs.