Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help improve the lives of children by providing quality care for selected orthopedic and related neurodevelopmental and musculoskeletal conditions, as well as specific learning disorders. We strive to improve the care of children worldwide through innovative research and teaching programs. 

Core Values

Dedicated to the health and happiness of children, we will be guided by what is best for the child, in keeping with the following values:


We will preserve and perpetuate our heritage and the principles of Freemasonry by reaching out to others in need of our services. 


We will protect our reputation for excellence by setting high standards and striving to consistently meet them. 


We believe that every person is worthy of respect. We will treat others as we would like to be treated, with honesty and compassion; being sensitive to them and accepting of their differences. 


We believe that the needs of children must be considered in the context of their families and encourage family involvement in decisions regarding each child's care. 


We take pride in the quality of patient care and support services we provide. We strive to continuously improve that quality by involving staff in problem-solving and encouraging innovation. 


We will be diligent stewards of our resources:
People will be provided a respectful, stimulating and rewarding professional environment. Monetary gifts and assets entrusted to us by our donors will be used wisely to help children. Buildings and land will be kept clean, in good repair, and will be updated as needed to better meet the needs of the children we treat.


We strive to expand and share knowledge regarding the care of our patients through research, education and outreach programs.