Giving Children Back Their Childhood 

Our purpose is to help improve the lives of children by providing quality care for selected orthopedic and related neurodevelopmental and musculoskeletal conditions, as well as specific learning disorders. We strive to improve the care of children worldwide through innovative research and teaching programs. 

Core Values

The core values are who we are, what we stand for and what we want to become. They are at the very heart and soul of this hospital. Behind every decision we make and every direction we journey, our values shape and guide us. These core values are the very essence of our culture. And our culture is something that lives in each and every one of us. Our culture is why we walk someone who is lost to their destination, rather than just telling them where to go. Our culture is why we pop fresh popcorn. Our culture is why we treat the whole child and never just the condition. It's also something we must protect, because it's through our values and our culture that our foundation is strong and we can continue to build for a better tomorrow. 

Staff / Volunteer Recognition

To recognize a staff member or volunteer for their dedication to our CARE RITE values, please submit this online form